Rome Pre-Owned Return Policy

We understand that buying a car is a very important life decision. That's why every car we sell comes with a 3-day love it or leave it policy. Take the time to see if the car fits with your life. Show it to your friends, family, pets, and neighbors. Once the 3-days is up, if for any reason you do not love or like the vehicle, we'll issue a credit for the total value of the vehicle. Said credit can be used to purchase a new vehicle. And, Our 3-Day Love It Or Leave It policy is subject to a 100-mile limit.

Step 1:

Ensure that you still have the option of returning the car. You have Three days following the purchase of your used car to take it back to Rome Pre-Owned for a credit that can be used to purchase a new vehicle.

Step 2:

Inspect the car. Look for scratches and dents that weren't there when you initially purchased the vehicle. In other words, if you backed your car into a pole two days after you purchased it, the 3-Day return policy will be subject to the owner's approval.

Step 3:

There is 100-mile restrictions for returning the vehicle, according to a Rome Pre-Owned. Ensure that you have proper identification and the documents you received on the date of purchase. If another person's name appears on the purchase agreement, you must take that person with you to receive the credit. Complete all necessary paperwork to return the vehicle. Rome Pre-Owned issues refunds in the form of a credit that can be used to purchase another vehicle.


Items you will need:

ID card

Purchase documents


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