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  1. Keep It Clean
    Keeping a clean vehicle, inside and out, can help retain a good trade in value. Don’t procrastinate! Take a look under the seats and between the cracks and crevices every once in a while and give your ride a nice vacuum when needed.
  2. Keep Your Keys
    Did you know that in today’s cars a spare set of keys (with remote) can cost hundreds of dollars? Put that an extra cash in your pocket by having your second set of keys at trade-in time.
  3. Proper Service Maintenance
    Keeping up with basic vehicle check-ups is an easy way to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and prevent loss of value.
  4. Save Your Documentation
    Save your service records and owners manual for when you’re ready to trade. Your service records, factory warranty, parts documents and other vehicle documentation can be helpful to appraisal in analyzing your vehicle value.

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